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Yashada Realty is an innovative endeavor and brainchild of Mr. Vasant Kate; a first generation builder who dared to cross the defined boundaries of real estate. It was incepted as the dream of a young entrepreneur; over the years it has transformed into a real estate juggernaut in Pune and surrounding areas.

Yashada Realty has its heart in the right place; we uphold values like integrity, honesty, and commitment in every single project that we undertake. We have delivered over 8 exquisite construction projects that were well-received and still continue to dominate the Pune real estate scene. Next up, we wish to conquer the arena of commercial and hospitality industries; observing the consistent rate of our superlative performance we are sure that we will attain new heights of success in the near future!


The Yashada Advantage

Yashada Realty: Dreams, realised.

Dreams, realised, being our driving mission and objective, we seek every opportunity to make our customer go closer to their dreams. We imbibe this ethos in every aspect of our existence. Read on to find out how...



Yashada Realty, a brand to reckon with, is an influential identity in the realty industry. The onus of being a powerful connector and building strong communities is continuously fulfilled with panache. Brand Yashada Realty personifies influential connector and community builder.



Yashada Realty sees the same dream as our customers. Hence our value proposition is to develop inspiring construction solutions, so that it accelerates your dream into a reality.



At the core of all these offerings lies the powerful essence of taking everyone along the path of Fulfilment and Growth.

This lays the foundation, the strong cornerstone of building an integrated approach, a complete inclusion of everything successful and superlative.


Mr. Vasant Kate


"Our humble beginnings have led us to become a real-estate force to be reckoned with over the course of years!"

Yashada Realty has a solid experience of more than a decade in fulfilling every customer's basic dream - 'Having a house of their own'. With this as our guiding philosophy, Yashada Realty has overcome all impediments, crossed hurdles and turned every corner to fulfill this vision. We have been setting new standards in the housing sector with our splendid township projects. In the coming years, we are all set to boost our green construction practices further and also diversify into IT and hospitality sectors.

We are now on the threshold of taking the big leap. We want to build bigger and better homes, aspire for farther horizons and give all our customers their best home story.  Our ultimate aim is to be recognized as an organization that puts quality and commitment above everything else.

I, on behalf of Yashada Realty look forward to your support and encouragement to make all our goals a reality.While we are very perceptive of our dreams, we want your guidance, push and motivation to ascertain that our Customers' DREAMS REALIZE.

Awards and Accolades

PCMC Icon 2019 Award
AESA Award 2016
AESA 2016 Award
AESA 2018 Award
PCMC Icon 2015 Award